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Broken down fillings

Fillings do not last forever.

Composite (tooth coloured) fillings discolour over time as they absorb stains from food, beverages and smoking. Over time, composite fillings wear faster than tooth structure.

Amalgam (metal) fillings break down over time. Decay can also form under a metal filling, causing the filling to break.

In these situations replacement of the filling is necessary.

The porcelain can chip on a crown. When this occurs the crown requires replacement.
Over time the gum tends to recede and the metal top of the crown or the root of the tooth becomes visible. If this is dark it is unaesthetic and the treatment would be replacement of the crown.

Veneers can break from wear and tear, clenching or grinding or using veneered teeth to open plastic bags or cut thread or sticky tape and require replacement if this occurs.


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