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Gaps between teeth

Gaps between teeth occur as a result of a number of situations.

If there are gaps between front teeth, there may be a discrepancy between tooth and jaw size. The teeth can be made wider to eliminate the gaps by affixing either composite or porcelain veneers to the teeth.

If teeth are rotated composite resin or veneers can usually be added to the teeth to make them appear straight.

Gaps between back teeth and/or front teeth could be the result of tooth movement due to the way the back teeth meet. For example a lower tooth can push on the upper teeth and flare them apart. Clenching or grinding the teeth at night will exacerbate these gaps.

Gaps between back teeth can result in food packing between the teeth when eating and result in decay of the teeth. To prevent this it is important to have the gap closed by restoring the teeth and adjusting the bite to reduce the force of the bite on the teeth.


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