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Sensitive Teeth

Gum recession, decay, broken down fillings, dying nerves, cracked teeth, grinding or clenching and a stressed lifestyle are all causes of sensitive teeth.

If the gum has receded the root surface is exposed to the oral environment. The root surface is a lot more sensitive to temperature than the enamel surface of the tooth. The root surface can be coated with a tooth coloured filling material to eliminate the sensitivity.

Teeth can be sensitive to cold or sweet when decay is present. The treatment is to remove the decay in the tooth and restore the tooth with a filling.

If sensitivity is due to fillings breaking down the treatment is to replace the filling with one that is bonded in the cavity and seals the tooth.

A tooth can be sensitive to heat and biting/chewing when the nerve is dying. A root canal treatment will remove the infection which is the cause of the pain.

When teeth have deep cracks in them they are sensitive to biting/chewing as they flex. The crack may extend below the gum. If the crack is above the gum the tooth can be restored. If the crack extends well below the gum it is usually not possible to save the tooth, and an implant will be required to replace the tooth.

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